If you live in Niagara Falls one of the things that some residents like to do is feed the waterfowl at Dufferin Islands above the falls processed foods, bread and scraps. The Niagara Parks Commission is requesting that these folks stop feeding this waterfowl (ducks and geese). The reason: When waterfowl become dependent on these human feedings migratory birds will stop flying to their traditional winter habitat locations. Also, while these folks might have the best of intentions feeding them can be very harmful. It results in delayed migration, overcrowding, the spread of disease, malnutrition and other unnatural behaviours.

Birders tell us waterfowl will continue to frequent the area even if they are not fed; they will do so at much more environmental sustainable numbers. They suggest we leave the waterfowl to be wild. Great idea!

Here’s a photo I took of Dufferin Islands the spring of this year.

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