It’s hard for me to believe that at one time the area from just north of Murray Street to the Table Rock area at the edge of the Canadian Horseshoe Falls was during the early-1880’s the location of four hotels. They were located along what locals called, “The Front”. The Brunswick Hotel, the Museum Hotel, Prospect Hotel and Table Rock Hotel were described by one 1838 visitor this way, “the hotels on the Canadian side are large and rather fine looking buildings, capable of accommodating nearly 150 visitors each, even though sometimes many more are there in the middle of the city”. Under the European Plan rooms rented generally for $1.00 per day, and under the American Plan (meals included) $2.50 per day.
These hotels, by the time The Niagara Parks Commission acquired the land in 1885 near the falls, were no longer in existence.
I managed to find a picture of one of the hotels-The Prospect House.

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