ENZO is an artist working primarily out of Niagara and Toronto but with projects everywhere from

Buffalo to Montreal. Producing murals and signage on commission has allowed Enzo to be involved in

voluntary creative projects in and around local communities in an effort to beautify sterile urban spaces

at the request of community groups. His work often concerns the relationship of specific locations and

their atmosphere to that of form, colour, and lettering. Enzo is also an active photographer interested in

urban spaces and metropolitan scenes from the subterranean all the way to the lofty heights of highrise

rooftops and beyond. Through his images as well as his painting, he provides a window for the viewer

to experience extraordinary moments and environments most of us could only dream of.

Recognizing the importance of engaging the public with art in the urban environment, Juice Willis

Entertainment has produced several events featuring collaborations of local artistic talent. A three year

veteran of the annual Niagara Falls Night of Art with our live aerosol installations has sparked some

interest from within the Niagara Falls community. This Robinson Street project has come to life with

the help of the Double Tree Fallsview Resort & Spa by Hilton who reached out to us with the idea to

add some colour to the neighborhood. In an effort to transform the aesthetics of this building which is

set for demolition in the coming year, we will be providing a temporary makeover by means of an

aerosol art production. The project will feature a lively use of colour, form, and the integration of

street-art lettering in an attempt to transform this empty house into a vibrant work of public art.

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