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Eissa Awwad

I love you Marilyn Monroe

You're awesome.


I wish they were still there ):

Nicole Poirier

Me too! I have gone to Niagara Falls and I would love stay in these cabins! Have a wonderful summer!

Susan Kopecky

What happened to these cabins and where are they now?

Whàt is there now?


Thanks for this great information. I always assumed these cabins existed in the 1950's and I assumed since the views were outstanding that some great big hotel chain bought the owner out and he retired to Vancouver.

Now I find out it was movie magic. Glad to hear other people wanted to rent these cabins with their fantastic view ! Great Movie ! My top ten favorite. T

Paul T

Magic in movies in a magical place.
Niagara Falls... ♡

Sandra Hendricks

I just finished watching the wonderful movie, Niagara, my personal favorite of Marilyn's. It peaked my interest on the Rainbow Cabins and want to know exactly where these were and what's there now. I wish they were still there but read that Marilyn stayed at the Crown Plaza Fallsview Hotel, room 801, while filming also. Good news is that it's still in business!

chris jeffries

Thank you, George, for this info as I have always wondered about the Rainbow cabins.

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