The 200th anniversary ceremony commemorating this past Friday of the Battle of Lundy’s Lane which occurred on July 25, 1814 was a great success. I’ve attached a few photos I took of the event.
I am reminded that following this bloody battle there were five different towers that were built over looking the battlefields site.
The first tower was built in 1845 and it was a great hit with the tourist who wanted to see where this major battle took place. There was a charge of twenty-five cents to climb the tower. The tower which was 40 feet high was made of wood and was located near the present day Drummond Hill Church.
Due to the success of this sightseeing tower other towers were built. The fifth and final tower was built in the 1870’s of steel and was known as the Lundy’s Lane Observatory. This tower boasted a steam powered elevator which whisked you one hundred and two feet to the top.
This last tower was dismantled due to a lack of interest in 1921.
Who knows, maybe some day there will be another tower here overlooking this historic War of 1812-14 site.
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