Niagara Falls Tourism Coloured Leaf  Niagara Falls Canada

I just got off the phone after talking to Jackie Phillip, Regional Manager of Ontario Travel Information Centres. Jackie has been involved with these centres for the past 29 years (she still looks like a kid).

I knew her counselors asked visitors where they were travelling from and they kept a record of this information. Here’s what she told me about this years visitor to Niagara Falls. 

The majority of the visitors are still Canadian, primarily from Ontario.

Next on the visitors list are travellers from New York State, Ohio,    Michigan, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Mass, Georgia, Florida and Illinois. This list is from the greatest number of visitors to the lowest.

What was interesting is that visitors are now starting to travel to Niagara from as far away as California, Texas and Missouri.

The list doesn’t reflect international visitors because most rent vehicles or travel in groups by motor coach.

I’ve attached a few photos of our fine travel counselors at Niagara and a montage of license plates that I photographed about a month ago in our parking lot near the falls.


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