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Thursday October 13
@ 6:30pm
Niagara Falls History Museum 5810 Ferry Street, Niagara Falls
1.5km from the Falls (0.9mi)

Introduced and programmed by Joan Nicks, our film series returns this fall with a focus on Ida Lupino. She was an English-American actress, writer, director, singer, and producer who worked primarily in the United States from the 1930s to the 1970s. Her career as director often involved tackling themes of women trapped by social conventions, and is seen as an early example of proto-feminist filmmaking. We'll be looking at films she directed, wrote, and starred in this fall at the Niagara Falls History Museum. Join us every other Thursday night at 6:45pm This week is Private Hell 36 (Don Siegel, 1954) 1 hr/20 mins. Rated: PG Drama co-written by Collier Young and Lupino: Nightclub singer Lilli (Lupino) is befriended by detectives (Steve Cochran, Howard Duff) with conflicting ethics.