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Saturday November 25
1:00pm - 3:30pm
Old Stone Inn Boutique Hotel 6080 Fallsview Boulevard, Niagara Falls
0.9km from the Falls (0.6mi)

Join us for a magical evening that promises more than just brush strokes! The Old Stone Inn will be completely transformed, embracing the holiday spirit, setting the perfect backdrop for our Paint & Cocktail event.

? Why November 25th is Special:

Holiday Ambiance: By this date, we'll be in full festive mode, adorned with holiday decorations, ensuring every corner is Insta-worthy!

Miracle at the Old Stone Inn: Dive into our unique 'immersive experience' and feel the festive warmth in every nook and cranny, especially at our Miracle 1904 Lounge which will ooze holiday charm.

Forget Wine, Think Cocktails: Swap the traditional wine for a handcrafted festive cocktail from our special holiday menu. You'll get to pick from a curated selection that we'll share soon.

Photo Ops: The Miracle Lounge isn't just about sipping cocktails; it's a haven for 'selfies' with its over-the-top 'Christmas' vibe.

Aside from putting yourself in Picasso's Shoes for the afternoon;

What else is included in your ticket price:

Miracle Cocktail (Alternative is Afternoon Tea)is sure to be the highlight, But here's the cherry on top: every ticket holder ALSO gets a complimentary ‘s’more’s kit’. Savor it with us in our outdoor Miracle 1904 Lounge or take it home for a cozy time!

Lunch can be ordered from their amazing menu!

Let's craft an experience that's not just about painting but about celebrating the festive spirit in style. Share your thoughts, and let's make November 25th a day to remember! ????


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