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What qualifies an event for submission?

  • The event is put on by a member of Niagara Falls Tourism or hosted at a member venue.
  • Community events within Niagara that are free to attend or not for profit.
Event Details
Image submitted must be solely owned by the event submitter
Image must be 1600 x 1200 pixels or larger
Image must be free of text or logos
Maximum Size: 4MB Allowed Format(s): jpg jpeg
No links are allowed in descriptions, please use phrases like "see website for reservations" if needed. All descriptions should be written in the third person as though NFT is talking about your event.
Include information about tickets, show times and/or any extended information that you think may not belong in the description, our staff will look over this to see how to best include it in the official listing.
We will need a "source / official website" so that we can both link back to the event provider and verify the information provided here.
Contact Info
This information applies to the event and should not include your contact information (unless you are the host/owner of the event).
If the location of your event is not in this list you can enter the address below.
Please Provide as much information as possible (Venue, Street, City, Province, Postal Code/ZIP)
Your Information
We need this inorder to veryify this event is being submitted by a real person.
Required for confirmation.