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Niagara Falls Tourism Association is the official not-for-profit tourism marketing organization for the City of Niagara Falls, representing over 400 tourism related businesses.

As a membership-based organization our job is to connect your business to the 14.5 million visitors that come to Niagara Falls each year and spend 3 Billion annually.  Membership allows you to extend your reach through digital and marketing content and provides access to valuable contacts, events, sharing of knowledge and best practices with industry leaders.

  • MARKETING supports all areas of the business. Our efforts strive to showcase the city as an iconic destination that is more than just a natural wonder by telling the Niagara Region story through integrated consumer campaigns, strategic media and public relations. In support of enriching the story of the destination, our Media relations efforts aid journalists, local and abroad, in covering stories about Niagara as a travel destination. We offer help with story development and are available to provide resource materials, background information and connections to our members.
  • INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL TRADE is the primary resource for tour operators and travel planners who focus on packaging, promoting and selling leisure travel to escorted groups and individual travelers. Our Sales team can help groups and FIT (Frequent independent Travelers) travel planners with all aspects of planning including lead services, destination information, supplier introduction, resource material, tour and itinerary ideas.
  • BUSINESS EVENTS is the primary resource for meeting planners and convention organizers considering Niagara Falls as their event destination. Our sales staff will help identify products, services and facilities that will help ensure a successful, memorable event or meeting. 

If your business is in the Niagara Region, you can become a member! Please complete the form below:

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