Niagara Parks School of Horticulture

Niagara Parks School of Horticulture
2565 Niagara Parkway

The Niagara Parks School of Horticulture prepares graduates with the practical, theoretical and advanced technical skills that are critical for managing the complexity found in today's horticulture industry. The program offers a unique alternative to post-secondary education and provides graduates with a credential that is highly regarded in the industry. The blend of practical work experience and academic courses gives students leadership and entrepreneurial skills. The three-year School of Horticulture Program is a mix of academic and practical work experience.fered . Practical training is completed within the Niagara Parks Botanical Gardens, the Niagara Parks Greenhouses, and through a self-directed internship.

Below is list of locations the students will be working at as well as a handy approximation of -

What's in Bloom

Approximate Dates Botanical Features Location(s)
January 15-March 31 Spring Floral Show FS
March 21-May 15 Spring Flowering Bulbs QVP, OGT, FC, BG, QHP, MFH
April 2 Easter Lily Floral Show FS
April 10-May 2 Japanese Flowering Cherries BG, QHP, KBP
April 10-June 20 Rhododendrons BG
April 15-October 15 Carpet Bedding Displays QVP, OGT, FC, BG, QHP
April 15-October 30 Perennials QVP, OGT, FC, BG, QHP, MAF
April 15-October 30 Nature Garden, Herb Garden BG
April 15-October 30 Rock Garden QVP,. OGT, FC, BG
April 24-May 9 Lilacs Adjacent to FC
May 24-October 30 Period Herb Garden MFH
May Hydrangea Show FS
May 15-June 30 Irises BG
May 30-September 30 Annual Displays All Gardens
June Regal Geranium Show FS
June 15-September 30 Roses FS, QVP, BG
September 15-October 30 Fall Displays QVP, OGT, FC, BG
September 15-October 30 Hiemalis Begonia Show FS
November Chrysanthemum Show FS
December Christmas Floral Show FS
December 1-January 5 Christmas Displays QVP, OGT, BG, QHP
Year Round Tropical Plants FS, Butterfly Conservatory
FS: Floral Showhouse QVP: Queen Victoria Park OGT: Oakes Garden Theatre
FC: Floral Clock BG: Botanical Gardens QHP: Queenston Heights Park
MFH: McFarland House MAF: Mather Arch Park KBP: Kingsbridge Park