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30 Carl Crescent, Waterdown
71.3km from the Falls (44.3mi)

Redback Tours is part of the Redback Group, comprising of our travel agency, Redback Travel, our beer touring company, The Beer Tour Co, Vox City Walks Toronto & Niagara and finally Redback Tours. Operating since 2010, we have a passion for travel and touring and providing a high level of customer service and we want to share that passion with locals and tourists alike. Our luxury bus charter company offers private or public small group tours for; Niagara Falls day trips, Niagara Wine Tours, Niagara Craft Beer Tours and coming late Spring 2021, VOX City Walking Tours in Niagara. We also provide bus charter for any occasion.

We also offer private airport pickups from Buffalo Airports for Canadians wanting to return home via the Land Boarder in a safe & reliable manner. Canadians serving Canadians.

We look forward to seeing you on board with us in the future!