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Marineland is the place where visitors will enjoy amazing performances by dolphins walruses, sea lions and beluga whales. See a killer whale up close. Marineland in Niagara Falls first opened it’s doors in 1961. It is very easy to get to as Marineland is one of Niagara Falls major attractions and has many signs easily directing you there. There is tons of free parking and you do pass through the entry gates quickly even on busy days. You should plan on spending the entire day at Marineland and to pack comfortable shoes because it’s a huge property and you will want to see everything.

Grab a map when you first get there as it will help you get your bearings and to plan out your route. The gift shop has all the souvenirs you’ll want to grab after you finish your day. You can get those Marineland blow up whales that all the kids love! There’s lots of places to snack on ice cream, popcorn and snack stations, so make sure you stay hydrated on those hot summer days. There’s many luncheable options from salads, bagels, pizza, hamburgers, French fries and places that serve beer. If you are on a budget you are allowed to bring outside foods in, but alcoholic beverages are not permitted. There are picnic designated areas where you can relax and pull out your own cooler. Marineland's Marine exhibits include: Friendship Cove that showcases Killer Whales, Arctic Cove where you will find the beloved Beluga Whale. Other animals you can see at Marinland are Bears, Deer, Elk, Buffalo, along with Carp and Koi that gather around the deck bridges for easy viewing. Marineland Canada offers a variety of rides and attractions such as: Dragon Mountain Roller Coaster, Sky Hawk spinning ride, The Wave Swinger swing ride, The Lady Bug children’s roller coaster, The Tivoli hanging Ferris Wheel, The Kandu’s Twister, Space Avenger, Dragon Boats, Flying Dragon ride, Hurrican Cove a Sea Storm ride, the Sky Screamer tower ride, the Topple Tower, Viking Adventure, Orca Screamer, the Bumble Bee and the Ocean Odyssey. If you would like to visit many times during the summer may we recommend the season pass for only $5.00!


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Stop holding Kiska and other beautiful marine life captive. The word has changed and we now realize that making dolphins, Orca's and others perform for the entertainment of humans is cruel and torturous. Why not join the rest of the world and stand up for the rights of these beautiful creatures? I do hope you will begin to rethink what you are doing.
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Sylvie Pouliot

I brought my mother to Marineland today to see the animals, feed the deer etc ready to spend the day there we were there not even one hour. The girl at the front should have advised us most of the attractions were closed. I paid 93.67 for a nature walk that is ridiculous. I realize the park is closing this week, but I paid the same amount of money I would have in the summer, we should of had the same experience. I have never been so disappointed and would like to be refunded my money. I know it says no refunds etc, but please let your guests know of closures etc than guests can make a decision if they wish to spend the money or not. We travelled from far away to come experience a fun day. The theme song is everyone loves marineland, well i strongly disagree... i want my money back
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Not a great day. It's actually quite depressing to see how little space the animals had. Not enough bathrooms. Some rides not operating. Way too expensive for what's offered, even if I was ok with the treatment of the animals, which I'm not. I have fond memories of marineland as a kid, but seeing it as an adult, I find it a sad place. I will unfortunately not be returning again.
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