The Niagara Falls History Museum at 5810 Ferry Street have been busy lately scanning pages and transcribing the names, dates and places from 59 ledgers from the former Niagara Falls Museum. This museum closed in 1999 and the contents sold off. Today’s Niagara Falls History Museum was successful in purchasing these registry books from the new owner.

These ledgers date from 1838 to 1997.Many of the registers contain the names of famous people from their time. When I visited today’s history museum one of the interns Mariah Bough pointed out Abraham Lincoln and T.J. Barnum’s signature found in the 1870-90 book. Manager, City of Niagara Falls Museums, Clark Bernat told me, “once completed the database will be a powerful research tool”.

However at the present time the book are not ready for public viewing. Volunteers are still needed to help in transcribing the names. If you have some time to spare call 905-3358-5082.

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