It was 65 years ago from June 2 to the 18th that the 89-minute movie, Niagara” starring Marilyn Monroe was film in Niagara Falls, Ontario. For the two sun - filmed weeks Niagara Falls took, “second billing”. Hollywood movie goddess 26-year old Marilyn Monroe was in Niagara and it seemed the falls no longer existed and all eyes were on Marilyn. According to Hollywood critic Alex Barris,” She was probably the only woman in the world who at the time could rival Niagara Falls.”

As a young 8-year old I remember my father, who was the first mate on the Maid of the Mist at that time telling me about the movie and how shy Marilyn was when she wasn’t,” being a movie star”. She could often be seen at the Maid of the Mist dock and the boulders on the shoreline across from the falls.

This was Marilyn’s first starring role in a movie establishing her as a full-fledged star.

Here’s a photograph that appears in my book that I wrote in 1998 on the movie, Marilyn Monroe and the Making of Niagara.

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