The General Brock Hotel, built in July of 1929, was Niagara Falls first high-rise hotel. It consisted of eleven floors, towering above the landscape and boasted 20,000 square feet. It contained 247 bedrooms,50 cots,16 stores,290 telephones and two elevators. The top floor was reserved as the, Rainbow Room; a glass enclosed banquet room that provided and unparalleled view of the falls and the Niagara Gorge. It still does.

Two additional floors were added to the hotel in the early 1970’s.

Since then many changes have been made to what is now called the Crowne Plaza Hotel, but it still remains as one of Niagara Falls finest hotels.

Numerous high-profile individuals have stayed at this lovely hotel. Here are just a few.

  • Actor Jimmy Stewart and his family.
  • Marilyn Monroe during the filming of the movie, Niagara in 1952.She stayed in room 801.
  • Walt Disney.
  • Queen Elizabeth.
  • Actors Matt Dillon, Bruce Willis, Jackie Chan
  • Actor Matthew Perry was filmed on the terrace balcony f the 11th floor in the movie, A Whole Nine Yards.