I just finished reading a new book by Niagara Falls native Stephanie Nielsen in which she highlights several high-profile Niagara Falls natives. In her book she tells us about the lives of about 50 people who lived (and in some cases still do live) in Niagara Falls.

Here’s just a few of them. Criminal lawyers Brian and the late Eddie Greenspan. Their family home was around the corner from NHL Hockey great Derek Sanderson’s family home. Broadcaster Barbara Frum’s family home was in the same neighbourhood. Syndicated columnist, Dr. Ken Walker who now goes by the name W. Gifford-Jones also grew up on Jepson Street within a block of the Greenspan’s, Frum’s, and Sanderson’s. Filmmaker James Cameron grew up in Chippawa in his family home on Breadner Crescent.

I found the book a fascinating read.

This is Stephanie Nielsen’s fourth published book.

For more information; www.soleilpublishing.com.


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Wendy Cakebread

Our family also grew up and lived on Jepson St. in Niagara Falls. John & Joan Vandersluys owner of Dobbie's Florist since 1888 now owned and operated my my brother Bruce Vandersluys.
But you already know of Bruce. Just a little tidbit that you may not have known. Wendy Cakebread Sister of Bruce and Charlie Vandersluys.

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