One of the bravest person I’ve ever known is Nik Wallenda. Why? He, just over 6 years ago on June 15,2012 at 10;16 P.M. crossed on a wire in front of the falls from the U.S. side of the Canadian Horseshoe Falls to the Canadian side of the falls. He did so while fighting great clouds of swirling mist blowing in his face from every direction and at times he even became lost in this mist. The successful 25-minute walk was just breathtaking. I’d never seen anything like it before and still find it hard to believe he made it alive to Canada. Thousands of people, including myself, gathered at Table Rock to witness this historic event.

 The daredevil stunt was approved both park authorities on separate sides of the border. This was the first time in 128 years approval was given by The Niagara Parks Commission for a stunt of this nature.

His walk was being filmed by ABC and broadcast to millions of people throughout the world. During his walk he had a microphone and narrated every minute of the walk. Along the way, he prayed aloud and spoke to his father on the Canadian who offered words of encouragement.

As he reached close to the finish line he smiled, then ran and was greeted by his wife, children and a cheering crowd estimated to be over 120,000.

Many daredevils crossed over the Niagara River down river where the Whirlpool Rapids Bridge is located but this is the first person to walk directly in front of the falls.   

Wallenda is part of the great Wallenda aerialists who have been entertaining people for decades with their daring feats of skill.

Wallenda cited his great-grandfather Karl Wallenda as his primary inspiration for the stunt. Too quote him “My grandfather said, ”Life is being on the wire, everything else is just waiting." To me, I’m alive when I’m on the wire.”

I doubt if I ever will witness such an event again in my lifetime.

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