Thrills... if you dare!

Thrills... if you dare!

Ride the rapids, zipline to the Falls, soar to the sky and feel your heart beat faster with fear and excitement at Niagara Falls' scariest haunted house.

If you live for exhilarating experiences and aren't afraid of anything, Niagara Falls has the best attractions to put your sense of adventure to the test. Check them out at home now and be prepared to experience the adrenaline filled fun in real life, later.

1. Whirlpool Jet Boat Tours

Get ready to be soaked and feel the rush of the Devil's Hole Rapids in what is commonly referred to as the “Mount Everest” of white water. At Whirlpool Jet Boat Tours you'll speed along the Lower Niagara River at 80 km/h in the confines of this truly one of a kind jet boat. Looking for a drier ride? The Jet Dome experience offers all the fun and excitement without the in-your-face water thrill.

2. Nightmares Fear Factory

Enter the world’s most frightening experience in Niagara Falls... if you dare. For over 30 years, Nightmares Fear Factory has been scaring, thrilling and challenging guests to survive! Over 160,000 guests have chickened out – IT’S THAT SCARY!! Psyche yourself up now to experience the nightmare on your next visit - unless you’re too chicken.

3. Zipline to the Falls

WildPlay's Zipline to the Falls is a thrilling panoramic ride, 67 metres above the natural marvel, for the brave willing to soar towards the Falls at speeds up to 70 km/h. View both the American Falls and Canadian Horseshoe Falls as you glide 670 metres along the edge of the Niagara River Gorge to the Falls observation landing.

4. The Sky Screamer

Did you know that Marineland of Canada has 16 exciting rides for thrill seekers of all ages? The Sky Screamer is the world's highest triple tower ride, taking you over 137 metres in the sky for a thrilling ride and spectacular views of the Falls and surrounding Niagara landscape. Hold on tight, you'll be launched up and down at speeds of up to 96km/h.

5. Niagara Speedway

It's tall, it's fast, it roars with excitement – Niagara Speedway is North America’s largest elevated go-cart track facility and the first of its kind in Canada! The course is spread out over four acres with over 2,000 linear feet of concrete racing surface, running through a four-story helical spiral followed by a two tiered coaster style ramp that runs into another spiral. Test your driving skills along the straight away, negotiate the hair-pin turns and climb the elevated ramp as you head for the checkered flag!

6. SkyDiving

For some adrenaline filled adventure make you way to Skydive Burnaby located near the beautiful beaches of Lake Erie in the Township of Wainfleet, Ontario. Tandem skydiving is the easiest and safest way for you to experience the thrill of freefall from 14,000 feet while being securely attached to one of our certified instructors.

Indoor Skydiving is another option that immerses visitors in the world of high adventure skydiving, without ever having to pack a parachute, pull a ripcord, or jump out of a perfectly good airplane. Niagara Freefall offers the adventure of a lifetime - no experience necessary. Virtually anyone can do indoor skydiving from the age of 7 yrs and up.

7. Helicopter Tours

Get a whole new take on Niagara Falls with an aerial tour that combines both adventure and spectacular views. Seeing the Falls from above gives you a perspective like no other, gaze in wonder at the beauty of Niagara Falls and its surroundings. Helicopter tours are offered by both Niagara Helicopters and National Helicopters.

8. Bouldering at the Niagara Glen

The Niagara Glen is a very popular spot for nature enthusiasts and one of the few locations in Niagara where you can go Bouldering. Please practise safe bouldering, only climb designated rock faces while following all guidelines for safety and nature preservation. A Niagara Parks Commission bouldering permit is required.

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