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5705 Falls Avenue, Niagara Falls
1.5km from the Falls (0.9mi)

Club Age in Ontario is 19+

The Hard Rock Club takes the world-famous Hard Rock Cafe concept to new heights. Where 60's plush velvet lounge meets 21st Century digital multi-media. Home to an awesome fallsview dancefloor, 18,000 watt sound system, the world's largest electronic disco ball and more! Check out the Club's Falls Avenue Patio - the perfect spot to cool off with a cocktail or drink while seeing the Falls!

Club Features:

Ball of Power - the world's largest electronic disco ball: Suspended just 8 feet above the dance floor, the 4,500 pound, 12-foot diameter stainless steel ball features cutting edge LCD screens, graphic panels, moving lights, strobes, speakers, a pulsating sub woofer and more than 3 miles of wiring.

In other words, the Ball of Power:

  • Is as loud as a 747 jet airliner on take off
  • Is 40 times the size of a standard disco ball
  • Weighs the equivalent of 8 Harley Davidson Fat Boys
  • Contains wiring and cabling equivalent to 500 Eric Clapton Fender Stratocasters laid end to end
  • Is powered by enough energy to light up Madison Square Garden

Graphic Panels: Larger than life icons of the rock world encompass the room. Mick, Alanis, Jimi and Bob Marley escort you into the Club where Macy Gray's eyes gaze upon the entryway, Bono belts an anthem above the main stairway and Elvis gyrates his hips over the dance floor.

Other features:

  • Frozen saxophone martini bar
  • V.I.P. VooDoo Lounge with plush banquet seating, velvet ottomans and "individual" video screens
  • Huge garage doors lining the dance floor and stage areas open up to reveal the Falls and let the music pour out onto the street
  • Private booth underneath the stairway complete with its own video and sound system - also known as the "kiss and I won't tell" booth
  • Mood-lit washrooms that change colour over the course of the evening
  • Balcony that wraps around the dance floor and stage
  • Bar wall that changes colour to reflect the mood of the room
  • 18,000 watts of pure energy to make you want to shake, rattle and roll