If you’re in Niagara Falls Ontario this coming Sunday you might want to catch some of this historic marathon.

I can remember when I was in 1973 the Director of Marketing for the Skylon Tower and being approached by a group of avid marathon runners from Buffalo about sponsoring a unique marathon that would run from Buffalo, N.Y. across the Peace Bridge and travel along the Upper Niagara Parkway to the falls. Ray Thompson, who was the G.M. of the tower and I liked the idea and the following year, 1974, the Skylon Marathon was born.

Today it’s called the Niagara Falls International marathon but it still travels the same route (26.2 miles) with the finish line near the brink of the Canadian Horseshoe Falls.

This marathon is one of the few marathons in the world to start in one country and end in another.

Race Director, Joyce Harris told me close to 1,400 are expected to run the marathon this Sunday. Completing this marathon entitles you to apply to run the famous Boston Marathon.

You can expect to see some road closures in the area on Sunday to accommodate this exciting race.

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