Onieda Lane and Clifton Hill, Niagara Falls
1.4km from the Falls (0.9mi)

BeaverTails pastries have been referred to as a Canadian culinary icon. These deliciously addictive, traditional whole-wheat pastries are hand-stretched to resemble the tail of a beaver, one of Canada’s best-known national symbols. The pastries are served piping hot with your choice of delectable topping. Hundreds of thousands of customers now enjoy this specialty leisure food at theme parks, ski hills, sports venues and shopping markets across Canada. The BeaverTails lineup has expanded to include smoothies, and ice cream. BeaverTails stores have been serving up delicious treats since 1978. The treat has since become iconic—there are several locations throughout the country, and Barack Obama made it a point to try one of the pastries when he visited Ottawa in 2009. Located on the corner of Clifton Hill and Oneida Lane (Behind Burger King).