Media requests

Interested in covering Niagara Falls?

Travel media interested in visiting Niagara Falls should complete the form below and submit the following to expedite requests and accommodate needs:

  • A letter of assignment on the publication’s letterhead
  • Three recent examples of travel feature coverage published in the last six months
  • A copy of the assigned publication or broadcast tape

Please fill out the below form and submit it

Guidelines for Travel Media

We are happy to assist with accommodations, facilitating visits to attractions and cultural venues, itinerary development and interview needs to accredited travel media on assignment.

We receive a considerable number of requests from travel writers seeking legitimate travel writer privileges. We also receive a number of requests from individuals portraying themselves as travel writers in attempt to receive the same privileges. As a result and to most effectively meet journalists' editorial, photographic and/or broadcast needs, we ask cooperation in following these guidelines:

Allow at least five business weeks advance notice for media request for assistance. If we receive a request on shorter notice, we may not be able to assist you. Media assistance may be limited to providing a contact list of public relations professionals at the appropriate venues you wish to visit.

You must send us an original and/or legible copy of any article or broadcast tapes that resulted in your assisted visit to Niagara Falls. We are unable to assist with future media requests from media who fail to provide us with results.

Niagara Falls Tourism does not provide complimentary airfare, meals, ground transportation, tour guides or translators. We assess requests on an individual basis but cannot guarantee assistance will be provided on a complimentary basis.

Niagara Falls Tourism does not guarantee complimentary or press rate accommodations. Complimentary arrangements are provided at the discretion of the host businesses and are subject to availability.

Black-out periods may be experienced throughout the year that may necessitate a press rate, especially at hotels. Certain dates and events may be subject to restriction such as New Year's Day/Eve.

Niagara Falls Tourism does not solicit support for one-night stopovers unless you are on assignment.

Niagara Falls Tourism does not provide assistance for personal traveling companions. Our primary concern is assisting working press.

Niagara Falls Tourism does not negotiate advertising trade-out agreements with industry partners.

If you are producing a fashion/catalog shoot without significant editorial coverage of Niagara Falls a discounted and/or full rate for accommodations applies.

We appreciate your interest in Niagara Falls and look forward to assisting with your research.