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Niagara Falls is the backdrop for a new film set to debut in our local Niagara Square Cinema on Friday, April 20th.The movie, “Mary Goes Round” by Toronto director, Molly McGlynn is about a substance abuse counsellor named Mary who loses her job and driver’s license because of a drinking problem. Then she’s asked to meet her estranged father in her hometown of Niagara Falls. Her father is dying and he wants to see Mary connect with her teenaged half-sister who she’s never met.

Director, McGlynn said Niagara Falls had a similar vibe to the New Jersey town she grew up in. The movie was filmed in November and December 2016.

One of the scenes in the movie sees her riding the Niagara Skywheel on Clifton Hill. It’s a riff on the title of the film.

She is quoted as saying, “We had a great time shooting there…the community was really great”.

Like me, you might like to check this movie out.

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