Okay, the Niagara Parks Police force is one of the oldest in Ontario established May 27th, 1887. It’s even older than the Ontario Provincial Police force which was established on October 13,1909.One of the OPP’s first district offices was locate just opposite Burning Springs Hill on property now owned by Marineland Canada.

The original NPPF consisted of a Head Policeman who received $2.50 per day and one regular policeman who earned $2.00 per day. They each received two uniforms, two pairs of strong boots, and a winter overcoat.

A lot has changed since those days. Today’s force patrol 1130 ha (2800 acres) of todays Niagara Parks Commission property bordering the Niagara River from Fort Erie to Niagara on the Lake. The force now enforces the regulations of The Niagara Parks Act, the Highway Traffic Act, Liquor License Act, and Criminal Act.

The Niagara Parks Police headquarters is one of the best in the world! It’s smack dab in the middle of beautiful Queen Victoria Park with most offices overlooking the American Falls.

In 1980, the headquarters of the Niagara Parks Commission was originally located in this 1928 building.

In 1982, the NPC headquarters was moved to Oak Hall and after renovations, the place became in 1983 the headquarters for the police department where it remains today.

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    Ravi 3 weeks ago

    Chief of police Niagara. Sir I have serious complaint about one of your policeman (I was mistreated, threatened, told to shut up three times) by your honorable policeman at noon yesterday sir. After all I was letting my 100 %disabled wife at the falls entrancePolice chief, Niagara, Sir upon my cousin dropping us off right at the point this photo was This policeman was interrogating my cousin I intervene to help my cousin to communicate with this policeman in English. At this point this utter rude policeman told me to Shut up three times. I came to Canada as a tourist and I could not will not tolerate the unprofessional rude and disrespectful policeman working for your dept sir. I request a apology from this utter rude man before I take this to media sir, sincerely Ravi

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