I’ve just finished reading Steph Nielson’s new book, “Niagara’s Own Extraordinary Lives”.

In her book she’s written brief biography’s about,”10 remarkable men and 10 exceptional women”. Some are well known, others, not so well known. For example, it was interesting to learn that 91 year medical columnist, old Dr. W. Gifford-Jones was raised and practiced medicine in Niagara Falls for many years before he took the pen name of W. Gifford-Jones. His birth name is Ken Walker. I learned more about Pat Simon who was profiled in the book. Pat and his wife Rosa, who are photographed in the main image, operated a popular restaurant (Simon’s Restaurant) at the foot of Bridge Street for several decades (if you wanted to know what was happening in Niagara Falls this is where you went for a meal).Sadly, Simon’s Restaurant closed in 2012.Two years later Pat passed away.

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